Career Development/Exploration Websites

California Career Zone (State of California)
  • Assists students is researching salaries and comparing cost of living in different areas of California
    • Click on Reality Check
    • Enter site (text only)
    • Click on “occupation Direct”
Industry Sectors/Career Pathways (State of California/CA Community Colleges)
  • Investigates careers in different industries.
Who Do You Want 2 B?
  • Site is sponsored by California Dept of Education and California Community Colleges
  • Job descriptions, pathways to get there, great for middle/high school students.
  • Videos profiling student’s career/educational paths
Roadtrip Nation
  • This site is full of videos whereby students are interviewing entrepreneurs, scientists, magazine editors, business leaders, etc. All promote a message of following your passion, and promoting internships, etc. The purpose of these road trips is to interview inspiring people throughout the US who will share their stories of how they got to where they are.
  • To access videos, go to, click on explore, click on interviews.
California EDD (State of California)
  • Labor market information
  • Occupations guides (use these to build job specific resumes)
  • Current earnings/needs/growth by area
    • Click on “Local Area Profile.”
    • Select “Placer County.”
    • Click on “View Local Area Profile.”
    • Scroll down to “Occupations with the Fastest Job Growth.”
Career Explorations Site (middle through grad school) – Non-profit; sponsored by student loan organizations
  • Career & College Readiness
  • Explore Careers

CareerBuilder (monkey video)
  • Shows how not to interview.