Principal's Welcome

State Testing, Technology and Services – Spring 2014

Greetings Everyone!

Is it me or did we just skip the winter season entirely!?  Springtime here we come!  So the next few months at Woodcreek High School has a lot in store for the WHS community.  Let’s start with testing.

Testing will occur for grades 9, 10 and 11.  Grade 9 students will take a pre-assessment for the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) to insure they are on track to pass CAHSEE as sophomores.  Grade 10 will take a life science test in April.  Grade 11 will take a pilot test for the new Common Core State Standards curriculum in April as well.  In addition grade 11 students will take the Early Assessment Program (EAP) exam in the same testing window as the CCSS pilot.  The EAP is a way for students to automatically qualify for transferable courses in English Language Arts and Math at the local community colleges.  A test schedule will be out for review very soon.  And yes, the very popular Senior Survivor contest will continue during this testing window.

Technology in the classroom is rapidly expanding at Woodcreek High School.  By the end of this school year every teacher will have some sort of internet based personal digital device solely for the purpose of engaging students in higher order thinking activities.  In addition, WHS will incorporate 600 Chromebooks into classroom settings for the same purpose – engaging students in higher order thinking activities.  We anticipate a steep learning curve but in the end teachers and students will migrate to a much more dynamic and relevant learning community in the next couple of years.  You will see much more interaction on Google Documents and other internet based learning applications in the very near future (if you haven’t already noticed).

Services at Woodcreek continue to revolve around student safety and parent support.  On March 17th  we will be hosting an event called; “Building a Network of Support.”  The intent is to get information and resources into parents’ hands before a crisis occurs.  The focus is on substance abuse but there will be many agencies and community groups available to provide information and support.  In addition we are looking at hosting a presentation by Roseville Police Department on social media, internet, and “sexting” sometime in April.  This will be the third time we’ve hosted this presentation in the past two years.  Both of the events mentioned are intended to equip parents with the information needed to support their students when confronted with some of the harsh realities of the high school environment.  There is a strong accountability system in place at WHS, but we believe a strong support system is equally important.